Service to the Society and needy


Our scriptures proclaim “nara seva” or service to fellow humans is “narayana seva” or service to God.  Service is always sacrosanct and is at the forefront of our agenda. We have accepted the words “Service is our Motto” as a part of our goal, mission and of our emblem itself.  Being such a service-oriented organization, we aim fostering and developing service and empathy as a means and as a motto. Our helping hands have lend support to the needy on needy occasions.  Natural calamities/disasters and tragedies such as tsunami and drought in different parts of India witnessed our Society coming up with heavy donations to the National/Local Relief Funds. We plunge ourselves in full measure whenever such situation arises, irrespective of any distinction or difference.


We also make liberal contribution in the fields of education, marriage, hospitalizations, organizing blood donation camps, distributing clothes, food packets etc.   Our Scholarship scheme covers a wide range of students from class X to post graduation in different disciplines.   We also extend financial help to poor in furthering their educational pursuit. 


CNSS also has a functional marriage bureau.  Here we assist in bringing together suitable matrimonial alliances among willing families of bride and groom.