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Mannathu Padmanabhan:

An eternal inspiration, ideologue and visionary



The seed of CNSS was inspired by the yeomen services carried out by the Nair Service Society (NSS) in Kerala for the last almost a century. NSS, in turn, was the brainchild of Mannathu Padmanabhan, affectionately called Mannom, an extraordinary karmayogi who fought against all odds, political, social and economic, to set up NSS in 1914.


Mannom was born in a conservative Nair family of southern Kerala in January 1878. Neither the period of his early life or the circumstances he was born in were conducive for the flowering of a genius that lay latent in him. Braving all adversities and oppositions, he rose up from naught and fought his way upwards. A vociferous speaker, brilliant judge of people and their potential, an organizer of resources, Mannom laid the foundation of NSS to awaken the latent energies and potential of Nairs, confronted with deprivations and social backwardness that they were subjected to for many years. By sheer dint of hard work, perseverance and ability to lead from the front, Padmanabhan is today remembered in reverence as the founder of Nair Service Society, the largest of the cultural Kerala, set up for the uplift of a community. A humanist to the core, a beacon of simplicity and a champion of social revolution, he continues to inspire numerous people cutting across diverse backgrounds.


His personality and mission, though distinct from NSS founded by Mannom, inspired CNSS.



We are indebted to them all

CNSS was not born out of surplus or luxury. The path so far was one of strife, hard work and dedication. It is in this context we are tempted to turn back the pages of our heritage and history, short though sweet!


Behind the dream and visualization of our goals and mission, lay the hard work and enterprising energies of many of our former guiding spirits.  They were dedicated to a cause, devout to a reason and committed to their brethren.  They were plenty in number, but we include here only names of the veterans, who guided our beloved Society to what we see before us today, notwithstanding our eternal gratitude of that unknown or unrecorded.



N. S. Nayar


Narayanan Sukumaran Nayar was the founder President of our Society who led from front the CNSS from its inception on 15th August 1977 till death snatched him away from our midst on 3rd April 1989.


Born in 1925 in Thiruvanathapuram, Nayar a Post Graduate in Pharmacy from Benares Hindu University served as General Manager in the Martin & Harris Ltd as well as in Albert David Ltd.  Nayar’s association as a leading Keralite in Calcutta is well known, chiefly as the brain behind organizing the first Kerala festival here about half a century ago (1955), a year before the formation of the Kerala State.  A towering figure among the Malayalees of the metropolis, Nayar was the patron for several cultural organizations, which included the Kerala Association, of which he was the founder president.  His organizational skill was evident when he single handedly gave the Keralites a distinct and cultural socials identity.


During his twelve long years of the helm of CNSS, Nayar visualized all what a Society of this nature should strive for, means to achieve them a cultural efflorescence and a path of service, sincerity and hard work.



V. S. S. Nair


Fondly remembered as VSS, he was a leading light of our Society till death snatched him away from us on 3rd January 2003. A founder member, he served the Society on two occasions as secretary. It was during his tenure as the CNSS President that the Society witnessed several innovative activities.


Born in 1930 in a non-descript small village in Thirkon, Kottayam, VSS came to Calcutta in 1958 as a branch manager of a leading natural rubber trading company of Kerala.  Since then Calcutta was his second home, at which he absorbed the ethos, still retaining his identity intact.  In 1969 VSS set up his own trading company – B.B.Rubber Pvt. Ltd.  This in 1975 expanded its foray to a larger area, continuing to this day as a very healthy set of companies.


A pragmatist to the core, VSS was in the heart of hearts a soft-spoken and affectionate colleague, friend and benefactor.  As one of the founders of the CNSS, he rendered yeoman service to the Society with his devotion and dedication to the cause.  He was easily a man next door and was forthcoming to help or guide or serve as and when called upon to shoulder any responsibility.  A leader of his people, willing to listen and self-correction, VSS is remembered for his foresight and dignified service in converting challenges into opportunities to pave the way for CNSS to achieve numerous heights in its goals and aspirations.