Located in the southwest of India, the coastal State of Kerala is a land of enterprising people. Rich in flora and fauna, highest in literacy rate, a pioneer of several social and political experiments, this God’s owns country is a miniature world. The recent discovery of an unprecedented treasure trove in Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvanathapuram, the State Capital, is a pointer to the magnanimous and benevolent rulers of the bygone era. Over the years, the erstwhile constituents of Kerala underwent a series of challenges and changes, adapting and assimilating with every step of its long and unbroken saga. It has excelled in different fields and is blessed with a population that has scaled almost all possible corners and pinnacles of the world, and has contributed mightily in shaping the heritage of our country.

Calcutta Nair Service Society (CNSS) constituted by members whose ancestral lineage is from this beautiful state, vibrant with the innovative dance of Kathakali, delicacy of coconuts, and a band of men and women who excel in any achievement of all times!


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