The Governing Body


The hallmark of our functioning is its vibrant inner democracy wherein all duties, responsibilities and accountability are demarcated and diligently adhered to. Our Society's activities are guided and run by a Governing Body in the highest principle of democratic values.  Every year the Annual General Meeting elects a fifteen-member Governing Body from amongst themselves who in its first meeting immediately after the AGM elects the new office bearers for the incoming year.  Together they carry out the routine administration of the Society.  These honorary office bearers give expression to the ideas and aspirations of the members of the Society in general..

Different Sub-committees, each headed by a member of the Governing Body, are formed to implement and co-ordinate diverse activities and functions of the Society.  Both the President and the Secretary are associate members in all these activities.


The Governing Body of the Society for the year are as follows-

Mr. P. A. Nair

  Mrs. Prabha Menon
Vice President

Dr. Mohan Kumar
Vice President

  Mr. T. S. S. Nair

Mr.T.K.Appukuttan Nair
Joint Secretary

  Mr. P. A. Saji Kumar
Joint Secretary

Mr. Madhavan Pillai

  Mr. Reghunathan Nair

Mr. Suraj Nair

  Mr. M. Ravi Nair

Mr. P. K. Panicker

  Mr. K. Sasidharan

Mrs Geetha Venugopalan

  Mr. P. Suresh Kumar

Mr. Rajsekher Nair

  Mr. Rajeev Nair
Internal Auditor

Mr. C. G. Menon
Internal Auditor

  Mr. U. S. Menon
Legal Advisor





Various sub committees have formed to help, channelize and co-ordinate different functions of the CNSS. Both the President and the Secretary are ex-officio members of all the Committees, whose names and their conveners are listed below


Literary & Publication Committee

[all publications, including the
editing of "Deepthi"]

Mr. P. K. Panicker


Arts & Cultural Committee

[tapping the potential, articulating
and materialising artistic and cultural talents
and functions]

Mr.  K. Sasidharan


Legal & Property Commitee

[To oversee, Land & Property and other matters that have governmental or administrative relevance]


Ladies Wing

[organising, monitoring and resourcing
all related activities]

Mrs. Geeta Venugopalan


Youth Affairs & Sports Committee

[providing leadership and requisite fora to
tap and use the youth energy and activities

Shri. M. P. Suresh Kumar

Public Relations Committee

[overseeing, co-coordinating and executing
PR function

Mr. Raghunathan Nair


Finance & Programme Implementation

 [prudent expending and visualizing of
various useful programmes and actions]

Mr. Suraj Nair


Ever since its inception, CNSS was fortunate enough to have the vision and guidance of many. We remember with gratitude and respect our illustrious Presidents and Secretaries who have guided us thus far.


Our past Presidents...


  1. Shri. N. S. Nayar  - 1977-1989
  2. Shri. G. K. Pillai - 1989-1991
  3. Shri. V. S. S. Nair - 1991-1997
  4. Shri. K. Chandramohan - 1997-2001
  5. Shri. K. P. Karunakaran- 2001-2004
  6. Shri. P. K. Panicker - 2004 – 2011
  7. Shri Vijay Nair - 2011 - 2013
  8. Mrs. Vijaya Mohan - 2013 - 2014
  9. Shri. C. P. Menon - 2014 - 2015
  10. ... and our past Secretaries

  11. Shri. C. P. Kumar - 1977-1978
  12. Shri. V. S. S. Nair - 1978-1980
  13. Shri. Lt. N. K. Pillai - 1980-1981
  14. Shri. C.V.Chandrasekharan - 1981-1982
  15. Shri. P. L. Nayar - 1982-1984
  16. Shri. Evoor Krishnan Nair - 1984-1985
  17. Shri. G. D. Panicker - 1985-1986
  18. Shri. P. L. Nayar - 1986-1987
  19. Smt. Vijaya Chandra Mohan - 1987-1988
  20. Shri. K. V. G. N. Nair - 1988-1989
  21. Shri. Evoor Krishnan Nair - 1989(4 Months)
  22. Shri. V. S. S. Nair - 1989-1990
  23. Shri. R. Mohandas - 1990-1991
  24. Shri. P. Balakrishnan Menon - 1991-1992
  25. Shri. M. P. S. Panicker - 1992-1993
  26. Shri. K. P Karunakaran - 1993-2000
  27. Shri. S. Suresh Kumar - 2000-02
  28. Shri. Vijay Nair - 2002-2006
  29. Shri. Madhavan V. Menon - 2006-2007.
  30. Shri. T. S. S. Nair - 2007 - 2014
  31. Shri. U. Bhaskaran - 2014 - 2015