Our activities


Over the years, the activities of CNSS have become an admixture of purpose and responsibility. We are apolitical in our outlook but philanthropic in purpose. Each member of CNSS is its valuable constituent, guide and trustee.  For us, this means entrusting our members with definitive tasks whereby we nurture their latent leadership qualities.  


Our activities are mutual, social and essentially family oriented ones.  The doors of the Society are open to all its members to meet, plan, contribute, act and achieve.  Our motto and goal is one; each for all and all for each, besides our own commitment to the society we live in and of which we are a part. 


An important focus has always been to celebrate and/or observe all the Kerala-based traditional/religious festivals and occasions viz.  Onam, Vishu, Vidyarambham/Vijayadashami, Janmashtami, Mandala Vilakku, Ayyappa Bhajanam, Thiruvathira and so on with gust and vigour.  As a responsive and matured association of the society, we also celebrate in solemnity functions that have regional and national fervor.  Keralappiravi, Indeopendence and Republic Days, Padayatra on Gandhi Jayanthi, etc are but some such instances. The aim is to pass on the legacy of our tradition to the new generation. 

Education has always been a field of our action and goal. We identify and give educational scholarship across the board without distinction to caste, creed or colour.  We have adopted schools, and have supplied in large measure on a recurring basis in cash and kind to the needy and desolate student fraternity.


We have a full-fledged Literary Wing. Its activities include imparting Malayalam classes to the budding children, regular publication of a bi-lingual and in-house bi-monthly “DEEPTI”, organizing Kavita Sayannams [evenings of poetry], Akshara Sloka Saddassu [a scholarly rendezvous], discussions on literary matters etc.  It is pertinent to state that DEEPTI is an opportunity for our members and their children to publish their small literary works in Malayalam and in English. 


Pursuit of Art, Culture & Entertainment is an important aspect of our agenda and this is taken care of by our Art & Cultural Wing.  We conduct musical class, dance class and stage dramas and musical programmes at regular intervals.   Every year we dedicate one full day at our Tharavadu for “KALA DIWASAM” wherein our members present diverse traditional Kerala art forms.   We also conduct mega musical programmes by professional singers from Kerala.  Thus, over the years we have organized programmes of great names that include among others, names such as K.S. Chitra, G. Venugopal, Vijay Yesudas, Usha Utup, Vidyadharan Master, Madhu Balakrishnan, Manjari and many others.  We continue to take all steps to promote talents in art and culture.


Many eminent personalities from Kerala visited our Tharavadu and we utilized such occasions for our members to learn many things from them and also to honour them. 


About two years ago our Society had taken a pioneering initiative to approach the Ministry of Railways and had done all possible things to rectify a series of problems faced by the local Keralite commuters traveling by train from Howrah (Shalimar) to Trivandrum.


CNSS does not believe in sympathy but in empathy wherein we understand the grief and pain of those in need of a helping hand. Our helping hands have lend support to the needy on needy occasions.  Natural calamities/disasters and tragedies such as tsunami and drought in different parts of India witnessed our Society coming up with heavy donations to the National/Local Relief Funds.